SGrecast User Guide
Posted by Everson Corrigan on 28 July 2016 02:10 PM

With SGrecast, broadcasters can record live streams into Podcasts of any length, and make them available for rebroadcast or download within minutes. Including a full suite of scheduling tools, automated delivery, and limitless possibilities for content creation, SGrecast broadens your online footprint – and your audience share - for the digital media age.

SGrecast brings the following benefits together into an easy-to-use, hardware-free software-as- a-service that is available to any number of users, from any networked location:

  • Compatibility with iTunes and third-party services (Feedburner, Stitcher, etc.)

  • Single event and reoccurring recording schedules

  • Stream Recording of MP3 and AAC files triggered by metadata

  • Broadcast Scheduled content to any Icecast server as MP3 and AAC live streams

  • Podcasting with metadata support and multiple formats (JSON, RSS, XML)

  • Multi-User System Allows multiple users and groups under one account

  • API can request metadata and content URL for single or multiple files

  • GUI allows clients to manage users, groups, and content from one platform


Please refer to one of the included PDFs, SGrecast User Guides, for either SGrecast 1.0 or 2.0, to assist with managing your SGrecast service.


 sgrecast2-0userguide.pdf (4.10 MB)
 sgrecast1.0 feature instructions 4-5-2018.pdf (2.49 MB)
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