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Posted by Jason Hatchett on 10 March 2015 04:19 PM

HTML5 Based SGplayer:

Our SGplayer is an HTML5 based player, since it is HTML5 based code the following FAQ is here to assist you in verifying that all requirements are met for this player to function properly. Some elements, such as Ad delivery are not included on all of our players (See AdBlock section below)


Stream Not Playing?
Be sure you are running the latest version of your favorite Internet Browser. Also, depending on which browser you use, you may need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash as well. The Stream Player is built to provide HTML5 audio and uses Flash as a fallback when necessary. 


How well does your browser support HTML5?


Not Sure About Your Browser?

Test which browser you’re using, get a better browser or update to the latest version! It’s simple and easy when using (opens in new window)

Updating your Browser:


Do you have Adobe Flash?

In some cases Adobe Flash is required and must be updated to ensure the stream plays smoothly. Please use the link to test, enable and/or update your Flash Player. (opens in new window)

Pop-up Windows Enabled?

When you click on “Listen” to launch the player window, it opens in a new window to allow you to keep the live stream playing while browsing the web in this window. Be sure you do not have pop-ups disabled for the domain that you are visiting to open up the player.

AdBlock Plugins/Software?

You must allow the stream page to serve advertisements or the live stream will be stopped by the ad blocking plugin or software. Please disable any “AdBlock” software you have running for this stream to work.


NoScript Software?

There are many elements of the SGplayer that are served by java script, so if you are running NoScript our player will not be able to load.


Disable all Browser Addons?

If you have gone through all of the verification steps above and the player is still not working, you can try disabling all Addons.

There are a other Addons and Extensions that can affect the player and its ability to function properly.


Stream Starts after 2 to 5 minute delay?

See our knowledgebase article here:

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