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Posted by - NA - on 02 January 2005 12:07 PM
Q:  Why do you recommend against using multiple bitrate encoding?
A:  It may seem like multi-bitrate encoding is an efficient method for streaming at more than one bitrate, but this is untrue. In multi-bitrate streaming, your upload is still equal to an aggregate of all the bitrates. So there's no bandwidth savings on the upload.
Additionally, multi-bitrate is not supported by all version of Windows Media players or Real Players etc.... so your limiting yourself to less player support. There have also been issues of broadband listeners not receiving their appropriate stream.
Finally, we recommend broadcasting a high and a low bitrate stream and allowing users to choose the speed of their connection, either broadband or dial-up. Listeners will appreciate the choice.

Q:  Would the subscription service be totally separate from the (virtual) dedicated server? Or can the bandwidth and storage space be on the server?
A:  The subscription services are separate from our other services. They cannot be combined with our server services. 

Q:  I assume I get a better bandwidth cost by using a (virtual) dedicated server vs. using a streaming account for each channel I do... is that a correct assumption?
A:  It is more economical to use a dedicated server when you have multiple channels, or are doing a mix of live and on-demand streaming. Besides cost savings you also get increased flexibility and management options. 

Q:  I understand I can have multiple streams on a server. Can I limit each of those streams independently to total listeners and/or total listening minutes/hours? Can they be set up to automatically timeout connections (some and not all)?
A:  This depends on what formats and services you choose to use with us. With Windows Media, you can limit the total services or each station on a dedicated server only (not virtual server.) With Shoutcast you can only limit each station.

Q:  Also, how is your stream to Europe? I expect a bulk of my listeners for one "station" will be in the UK and Western Europe. I want to make sure they have no problems listening.
A:  Our streaming distribution to Europe is very good. We routinely broadcast to many listeners in Europe. We also have many broadcasters that broadcast from Europe. We also serve broadcasters in Australia, South America, The Caribbean, UAE, Philippines, and Taiwan.
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