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Posted by David Davidson on 10 January 2013 09:50 AM

These tests will help us check the connectivity and data flow between you and our server. It's best to run these tests as soon as you begin having any trouble with your encoder or player.

---What's your IP---
From a PC running on the same network as your encoder, please go to and reply back to us with the IP address that page shows. This will allow us to test the connection and data flow from our server back to you. We will need your IP information first and before you begin the other tests.

---Speed Test---
This test runs best on a PC or MAC with Java installed, and takes less than one minute to perform.

It's also very important that you run our speed test and not your ISP's or other third party speed test, as ours measure your data flow between you and us, where as there's will not.

NOTE: If you are unsure if you have the most current version of Java installed on your PC (or MAC), you should first go to to download and install the latest version before running this test.

To run our speed test, visit the test completes, please send us a reply back with the date and time you ran it so that we can look up your results in our speed test data base and analyze them. NOTE: If you go to our speed test page, and you get prompted for a username and password, then you'll need to update your Java per the instructions in the first paragraph of this section.

---Ping Plotter---
-Download Ping Plotter Standard from installed, start it up, wait for the "Do It Later" button to appear, and then close the Registration Prompt window to get the program working. -You will need to turn off any firewall that is running on the computer that you are running PingPlotter from to get it to function.
-Enter into the "Address to Trace" field the name of the streaming server you are connecting to (i.e., and click the Trace button.
-Please let PingPlotter run for a minimum of 1 hour and a max of 24 hours (depending on the frequency of the problem).
-Then go into file menu and choose the option to "Save Sample Set". And send us a reply with the saved sample set file (.pp2) attached.

If you are on a MAC, Ping Plotter and WinMTR won't work. So, here are alternate tests you can run:
To run a Traceroute and a Ping, go to the Network Utilities program found under Harddrive->Applications->Utilities. Then Set the address in both to the streaming server you are trying to connect to (i.e. And set the ping to run 500 pings. Then once both have completes running, copy the results and send them back to us.

--If you are on a PC and are unable to install or run Ping Plottter--
-Download winMTR from and save it to your desktop.
-Then uncompress the downloaded zip file also to your deskto.p
-No direct install of the program is required. To start it, simply double click on WinMTR.exe
-In the Host text box, enter the streaming server you are trying to connect to (i.e., then click Start.
-Let this program run for about 20 minutes. (if you are running Windows Firewall, you'll need to temporarily disable it for the test to run properly).
-Capture the the results, and paste them into a reply to us.

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